Advent Events/Activities - 2020

Advent 2020 Activities





Hanging of the Greens

Saturday, Date To Be Announced

9:00am: Continental Breakfast

9:30am: Decorating





Creche Blessing and Chili & Salad Pot-Luck

Saturday, Date to Be Announced, 4:30-6:30PM



Many of us celebrate Christmas displaying our favorite crèche(s) (aka Nativity scene).  It could be a new one, one that's been in your family, from another country, or from any other special circumstance.  We are having a celebration to honor those crèche(s). Please bring in your crèche(s) on Saturday, date to be announced, 4:30-6:30pm, for a display down in Fellowship Hall.  We will be having a chili and salad pot-luck during that time. Pastor Matt will provide a very special blessing for the crèches brought in. This is a wonderful way to get together for the Advent season.




Christmas Music Service

Date To Be Announced

9AM - Choir Christmas Cantata

11AM - Praise Through Music  led by our Praise & Worship Band




Blue Christmas Service

Date and Church to be announced.



What is a “Blue Christmas Service?”

Blue Christmas, or Longest Night, is a service of worship designed for people suffering with pain, loss, isolation and grief in the Advent season. On this night we remember those for whom the holidays are not joyful; people are lonely, in mourning, feeling alienated and cast apart from family celebrations; they are experiencing depression and sadness and yet are often compelled to put on a happy face for others, denying true feelings. The service is often held on or around December 18, close to the “longest night” of the year. Many of us are acquainted with the paradox of the Advent and Christmas seasons – a time when we feel we are supposed to celebrate hope, love, joy and peace, and yet a time that can also be full of depression, sadness and grief. The Blue Christmas offers special recognition of the struggles that many people face during this season. It’s somber tone also testifies to the struggles of Mary, Joseph and Jesus that are often overlooked. By offering this service of worship to all who seek we can acknowledge the struggles that we all face while providing a safe place of rest, comfort and healing. A Blue Christmas or Longest Night service may include any elements that convey a sense of welcome, trust and understanding in what can be a very painful time of the year. The service is held in the evening as a special worship opportunity of the church and community. It includes Candle lighting, meditative music and prayers for healing that create a welcoming worship space for those who are hurting or wish to remind themselves of persons who are.

Bring or tell a friend who may need this experience this Christmas.

For more info:

Video Chuck Knows Church #56|Blue Christmas

For some of us Christmas can be a time of stress and anxiety.

Joy and cheer sometimes are overwhelmed by sadness.

Chuck talks about "Blue Christmas" and what we can do to help others who feel the weight of the season.

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