March 2019   
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Finance Committee
Chairperson: Tom Hinterman

Every congregation must have a committee on finance to foster a transparent relationship between the congregation and the church’s money, to think missionally about budgeting and fundraising, and to engage in financial best practices.


The Finance committee is charged with:

  • Overseeing stewardship
  • Compiling a budget annually
  • Raising sufficient income to meet the budget
  • Administering funds received by the church
  • Counting and depositing the offering
  • Disbursing funds
  • Establishing internal control policies
  • Providing for an annual audit of the church financial statements
  • Using contributions in accordance with donors’ intent
  • Reporting to the church council


The Finance committee is made up of

  • The Pastor
  • The Treasurer
  • The Financial Secretary
  • One lay member of the annual conference
  • The chairperson of the Church Council
  • The chairperson or representative of staff/pastor-parish relations committee
  • A representative of the trustees
  • The chairperson of the ministry group on stewardship
  • The lay leader
  • Other lay members

The Finance committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month.


            Money Handling Guidelines for Fundraisers: