January 2020  
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Habitat for Humanity
Coordinator: Bill Mason

Flower City Habitat for Humanity is a non-denominational Christian housing ministry dedicated to eliminating substandard and poverty housing in Rochester, NY.

For more information, please visit their site: http://www.rochesterhabitat.org/


These are the homes we have sponsored to date, by year indicated. Each required our coalition to raise $65,000 and help provide volunteers to build the home. Each home was dedicated to the homeowner when it was complete. Each homeowner had to help build the home and attend classes that would help with budgeting, routine home maintenance, and other similar training sessions.  The  homeowner assumed a 20 year mortgage for the value of the home with monthly payments that they could meet, based on their family size, monthly income, etc. Currently, the existing mortgages are non-interest bearing. If you think you’d like to get involved in any way, please contact me at wmason@rochester.rr.com or 453-9038. I can always use someone to represent our church (the founding church) at meetings I’m not able to attend. Bill Mason

Current News:

On Saturday, August 3rd, we held a wall raising ceremony involving our committee members, Pastors and or representatives from all of our churches and from Flower City Habitat.The ceremony included prayers, scripture reading and a hymn called “Instrument” sung by Rev. Gretz from Greece Baptist. All in all, it was a moving ceremony and well received by all. We received a compliment from Habitat representatives that it was an example of what they hoped all church coalitions would use.

Part of the ceremony includes a blessing of the family but, unfortunately, the homeowner and her family weren’t available – they were in Puerto Rico because of a death in the family. She (Kiomy) has two children; her Mother will be returning with them and will become part of their family in their new home. We hope to find an alternative way of doing that when she returns.

We continue to raise funds and are moving in the right direction towards an 8th home in the future. Volunteer work is now in process; volunteer sign ups are now done on-line through www.rochesterhabitat.org which shows 4 hour segments Tuesday through Saturday. Please call or contact me if you have any questions about the volunteering or any other aspect of this project.

Bill Mason