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Staff Parish Relations Committee


Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

Every congregation must have an SPRC to build relationships among members of the congregation and the staff that are effective for accomplishing the mission and purpose of the church.


“Keeping an eye on the big picture” -- Always aware of the mission of God’s Church.


Tending to details – GUMC’s Personnel or Human Resources department.

Works with:

  • the ordained leaders (elders and deacons) appointed by the bishop
  • the lay staff, full time and part time
  • the congregation (individually and corporately)
  • candidates for licensed and ordained ministry
  • the outside community
  • the District Superintendent
  • the Upper New York Conference staff 

Specific tasks (per the Book of Discipline):

  • Reminding both the staff and the congregation to focus on working together toward the mission of the church.
  • Leading conversation between the congregation and the staff about ministry direction, and the staff positions needed to carry out the work of the church.
  • Developing and recommending written personnel policy and procedures.
  • Assessing job performance of the staff and pastor at least annually
  • Conferring and consulting with the district superintendent.
  • Identifying and supporting individuals from the congregation whom God seems to be calling for ordained ministry.


John Dunn       
Arlene Martin     
Glen Pearson
Jacki Sagona              
Dennis Wake
Sue Hogeman      


Second Tuesday of each Month


Inputs and comments (whether positive or negative) are welcomed.  While direct contact with staff members is encouraged, the SPRC Liaison persons are available.

Staff Member


Rev. Matt Stengel   Tom Hinterman
Sharon Neary   Arlene Martin
Hae-Yeun Shin   Glen Pearson
Bill Kostyshak & Linda Parker   Jacki Sagona












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