March 2019   
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Coordinator: Tom Hinterman

This ministry team consists of a group of adults and youth who rotate responsibility to provide the ushering service during our worship services, including the two on Sunday, as well as occasional special services, as needed.

Please contact Tom Hinterman, using the email link above, if you have any questions or concerns.


Ushering Schedule


Instructions for Ushers

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Last Updated 8/18/15

Ushers make an important contribution to the worship experience by greeting worshipers, providing cues and guidance, and addressing the incidental needs of the members of the congregation.  

  • Report for duty 15 minutes before the service.
  • Check with the minister for special things like lighting candles, communion, moving piano

Prior to start of service:

At the front of the sanctuary and the rear of the sanctuary (the Narthex).  Greet people as they come in.

  • Be ready to help with questions
  • Hand out bulletins
  • Children should be offered the children’s program  Quiet Bags are available
  • Help with the elevator if needed.

When service starts:

  • Close the doors to the sanctuary  o Remain outside the door for a few minutes to help late-comers enter without being a distraction. 
  • Gather in the Narthex and make sure that all are aware of next duty and cue.  Assist the Acolytes by:
    • lighting tapers o helping with cue to go forward.   o turning the fans off before they start forward.
    • (turn the fans back on after the altar candles are lit.)
  • Participate in the service from the rear location so as to be ready to help late-comers or with un-planned developments.
  • Counting:  (one person) o Pick up the form from the desk in the narthex, count the congregation and fill in.  (Make sure to include late- comers.)
    • First service – Return the form to the desk o Second service – Count the nursery and Discovery Center (if necessary).
    • Fill in the form and place on the Secretary’s desk or in her slot in the mail box.


  • Gather in the Narthex during the Invitation to Give.
  • The plates will either be on a stool by the desk or on the hat shelf in the closet near the stairs.  Handle them carefully to avoid load noises.
  • Stand with one person at the back of each outside aisle and two in the middle aisle.
  • When the Offertory starts, move to the front.
  • Offer the plate to people within reach.  Generally do not pass it down the pew row.
    • Some will indicate that they have nothing this time.  Just move on.
    • Move toward the back keeping an eye on the other usher to assure that everyone has their chance to give.
    • First one to reach the back should check the balcony.
  • When all are at the back:
    • CAREFULLY combine the collection into one plate. 
    • If the collection is to be brought forward:
      • Stand at the back center and wait for the Doxology to start.
      • Move to the front and place the plate on the Altar.
      • Step back and wait for the Prayer of Dedication to be completed.
      • Turn around and walk to the back. o If the collection is not to be brought forward:
      • A counter will come to pick it up.
      • Make sure that the collection is not left unattended.


  • Discretely move the piano if necessary.
  • NOTE:  With the choir sitting in the pews, only two ushers are needed. Agree on who these are to be.  The others may join the congregation for the sacrament. 
  • The two should stand in the Narthex until the Pastor invites the ushers and servers to come forward.
  • Take places on the altar and receive the elements.  
  • Two people in the center aisle: 
    • When cued by the pastor, start from the front row and usher people to come out to the center and form a line to receive the elements.
    • Move toward the back row-by-row keeping your line at 6-12 persons. o Some people will prefer not to take communion and will remain in the pews.
    • Be alert for people who want communion but cannot leave the pew.  Cue the Pastor to these people (eye contact should work). o When the last people on your side are in line, wait at the back until all are served and in their seats.

Acolyte recesses the light.

  • Turn the fans off before the Acolyte starts from the front of the sanctuary. 

After the 11:00 Service: 

  • Two or more people move along the pews and collect the Attendance sheets and pick up any discarded papers.
  • The attendance folder should be left at the inside end of each pew with the Bible.
  • If there are no more sheets, leave the folder on top of the end of the pew.  (Someone will come and refill it later.)
  • Place the collected sheets on the Secretary’s desk or in her slot in the mail box.  Recycle the discarded papers.