Church Leadership Team (CLT)

Lay Leader: Karen Klingenberger

The Church Leadership Team oversees and makes decisions on changes to our building, staff, and finances. Accepts reports from program teams.

Leadership Team as of February 2024
Leaders Name Role Term Contact person email
Gary Kubitz Pastor (no vote) NA
Karen Klingenberger Lay Leader 2024
Chris Collins Lay Member to AC 2026
Tom Hinterman Finance (Chair) NA
Linda Parker Finance (Treasurer) NA
Bill Kostyshak Finance (Finance Secretary) NA
Sue Sepkowsik Trustee 2026
Kelly Frank Trustee 2025
Al Royter Trustee (Chair) 2025
Tom Klingenberger Trustee   2024
Bill Mason SPRC 2026
Gary Santee SPRC 2025
Nancy LaClair SPRC   2024
Sharon Neary Program Ministries 2026
Jamie Hill-Keith Program Ministries 2025
Karen Ingle Program Ministries 2024