Online Giving

Your gifts to the church make it possible to fund outreach, worship, education, and membership care—ministries at the heart of what Greece UMC does.

Here are some options for how you can give.

At Church
We have several flexible options available for you to give at each service.

Online at Our Secure Web Site
Give online at our secure, dedicated E-Giving web page. At this safe, secure web page, you can make a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation using your credit or debit card or via a checking/savings account routing number. Payments can be scheduled at an interval convenient to you - weekly, monthly, twice monthly, or by date (i.e., 1st and 15th of the month). Your information is kept private and will be seen only by our financial administrator.

Click the button above to get started or access your account.


Your Bank's Online Services
Your bank most likely offers you a way to pay bills at regular intervals -- weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually -- using your bank's EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) service through online banking.  You may be able to add Greece UMC as one of the accounts that you pay, depending on your bank. It makes giving easy. You don't have to remember to bring an envelope each week to church; it allows you to make giving a regular priority in your life.

​Use "Greece United Methodist Church" as the name of the account to pay.  

You can use your envelope number for the account number. 

Enter the church's address for the billing address.


Mail Your Donation
Please be sure to include your envelope number if you have one.  Send your donation to:

Greece United Methodist Church
1924 Maiden Lane
Rochester, NY 14626
Attn: Bill Kostyshak


Questions? Email Bill Kostyshak at